Laser Hair Removal

Re-growing hair on body is a subject of discomfort for everyone. You must have lost count of all razors, waxes and gels you experimented with to get rid of unwanted hair.

Luckily, laser hair removal treatment provides smooth skin all year round. The advanced technology of laser treatment ensures you achieve the best results after an average of 6 or 7 sessions. The exact number of procedures depends on a range of factors, such as hair color, root coarseness and hormonal issues.

The main reason laser hair removal is so popular these days is that it affects the hair, not harming the surrounding skin. Once you are done with hair removal, all you have to do is to maintain the great results you achieved through touch up treatment once or twice a year.

Thanks to laser technology, silky smooth skin is not a dream but an easy-to-achieve goal for anyone. In fact, the effectiveness of the treatment has made it a popular practice for permanent hair removal since FDA approval in 1997.Practice shows that laser hair removal in Los Angeles has also become an ultimate choice from all forms of hair removal.

At Divante Laser MedSpa, we provide high-level service of laser hair removal in LA. We know you are sick and tired of the hassle of shaving, waxing and plucking and we are here to cut hair removal from your standard beauty routine. We use the latest laser machines and have the most experienced professionals of laser hair removal in LA. Our professionals are supportive while walking our patients towards achieving permanent results.

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Kiss your facial hair goodbye without the irritation and damage of constant waxing or shaving. Upper lip, sideburns, chin and neck are usually the areas women treat the most, while men commonly remove the hair of neckline, full beard and back of neck.


Shaving the underarm is susceptible to ingrown hairs, cysts, and razor burn, which is a common concern for women. With Laser Hair removal, patrons can avoid these risks and achieve great results at the same time.


We help patrons to achieve an amazing bikini body during the summer by helping to remove pubic hair and underarm hair around bikini lines. We also help to remove hair on men’s back, chest, and abs.


Usually the largest part of the body, legs are the hardest to shave or wax. Laser hair removal can make your legs soft and silky without much hassle.


Waxing is usually a painful way to get rid of chest hair, but laser hair removal only involves minimal pain. Men can achieve smooth hairless skin on the chest in just about 30 minutes or less.


Both men and women can have excessive abdominal hair. With our laser hair treatment at Divante Laser MedSpa, men can achieve the impression of a six-pack.


Unwanted back hair can be annoying for men. Luckily, periodical waxing and shaving can be replaced by just one hour of laser hair removal.