The Best Hair Removal in Studio City

Let’s face it – there is nothing fun about having to deal with hair removal. No matter what you have heard from other people, you may feel apprehensive as you don’t know how much pain it can cause. Removing body hair is time-consuming, expensive and sometimes, painful and uncomfortable. The countless products that you must regularly buy just to keep up and you still may not get quality results from your efforts. Instead of struggling with hair removal on your own, now is the time for you to turn to a safe, effective and long-lasting solution. The best hair removal in Studio City is here for you at Divante Laser MedSpa.

Hair Removal That Saves Your Skin

Think about all the different hair removal tactics you have tried over the years since you first became aware of all that unwanted hair you wished it was gone. Shaving regularly anywhere on your body is going to lead to nicks, cuts, and skin that is sensitive or burns afterward. Using those hair removal products you see in the stores can get rid of the hair for you, but they also have the potential to damage your skin. With the use of our lasers, you can get hair removal that not only works well but does not damage your skin, leaving you with the smooth skin that looks great and feels great.

The Best Removal with Lasers

At Divante Laser MedSpa, we offer the best hair removal in Studio City thanks to highly experienced and expert technicians and the latest in technology. Our professional service will provide you with comfortable, easy hair removal anywhere on your body so that you no longer have to struggle with waxing, razors, depilatories, plucking or other removal processes. We can provide you with permanent removal solutions for your face, arms, legs, and bikini area.

Schedule your appointment with the The Best Hair Removal in Studio City

Stop spending all that money and wasting time on ineffective hair removal and go with the best hair removal in Studio City you can find here at Divante Laser MedSpa. You can phone us at (818) 821-1111 to schedule an appointment with one of our technicians and then get yourself ready to have the beautiful, smooth skin you have always wanted all the time.


The Best Way to Remove Sun Spots in Studio City

We all face situations where we end up with freckles or sun spots because of our exposure to the sun. When you live in an area like Southern California, sun spots are almost an inevitability for you. While you do what you can to protect yourself, staying covered in the sun when you can and using over-the-counter sun protection products, you may still get the spots and freckles that keep your skin from looking its best. There are ways to remove sun spots in Studio City, and here at Divante Laser MedSpa, we have solutions that will work well for you.

Sun Spots and Typical Products

You may see plenty of products for sale in your local drug store, supermarket, department store or cosmetics store, all promising that they can help you keep your skin looking smooth, young, and blemish-free. The problem is that many of these products simply do not work as well as advertised, leaving you feeling frustrated that there is not a better way for you. Here at Divante Laser MedSpa, we have the solution that you are seeking.

Simple, Safe Removal of Sun Spots

Sunspots can become larger over the years. Unfortunately, your skin will not look at its best while these spots are there. At Divante Laser MedSpa, we can provide you with the treatment that will remove sun spots in Studio City for you safely and effectively, so you can have the flawless skin you always wanted. With the use of our Intense Pulse Light (IPL) device or through laser treatment, we can remove those dark spots and freckles from anywhere on your body. The process is pain-free and easy for you, and you will leave our spa with the rejuvenated skin that you are proud to show off to everyone.

Remove Sun Spots in Studio City Today

When you are ready to remove the sunspots in Studio City that you have on your body, give us a call here at Divante Laser MedSpa. You can call us at (818) 821-1111, and we will be happy to speak with you, answer any questions you may have about the treatment, and make an appointment for you for a free consultation. We can talk about your options for removal and schedule a treatment for you so you can have a beautiful look to your skin you always wanted.

The Benefits of IPL Laser Treatment in Studio City

You may look at the pictures of actresses, models, and celebrities that you see on the Internet or on television and wonder just how they always seem to have perfect, flawless skin. When you look at yourself, it is easy for you to notice things like freckles, sun spots, spider veins, age spots or other blemishes on your skin. No matter what you try to do about them, you never seem to be able to take care of them correctly. You have always feared to go for treatments because you worry about skin burns, redness, and blisters that can last for days afterward. Now is the right time for you to learn about the benefits of IPL laser treatment in Studio City we offer here at Divante Laser MedSpa.

IPL Laser Treatment Unlike Other Lasers

Unlike any other laser treatment out there today, is often referred to as IPL photofacial treatment. In this process, an intense single beam of light is used. The different wavelengths can penetrate deep into your skin without causing any damage to the outer layers of your skin. While it is sometimes called a laser treatment, the truth is that it is not really a laser at all. The light works to stimulate the collagen in your skin to get regrowth and rejuvenation to help clear your skin and have it look its best. Because of the nature of the treatment, you will not have to worry about the redness, soreness, burns or blisters that are common with other products and treatments. Schedule a free consultation with one of our experts to find out what IPL facial treatment can do for you and how it can make your skin look better.

The Benefits of IPL laser treatment in Studio City On Your Skin

There are several benefits of IPL laser treatment in Studio City at our facility. Treatments are faster and pain-free so that you can get the clear skin you want in a single treatment. Because of the nature of the treatment, you will not have to worry about the redness, soreness, burns or blisters that are common with other products and treatments. After your session, you can go out and about without worrying about your skin.

Call to Learn More about IPL

To learn more about the IPL laser treatment in Studio City we provide here at Divante Laser MedSpa, just give us a call at (818) 821-1111. We will be happy to answer your questions and arrange for a free consultation with one of our professionals so you can find out what IPL treatment can do for you, and how you can make your skin look better.

Get Your Skin Summer Ready with These 5 Tips

Summer is only 6 months away! It’s time to get going on your summer skin routine that will boost the look and feel of your skin this year! During the summer, heat and humidity from the sun can damage the texture and appearance of our skin. The damages they create causes wrinkles, age spots, and other unwanted blemishes. Taking care of your skin is an important part of self-care and it is essential to have a consistent skincare routine. In order to keep your skin glowing and blemish free, you will need to follow these 5 steps that will help you achieve healthy and radiant skin this summer!


Having great skin starts with keeping it moisturized! It is important to moisturize your skin even in humid and damp weather. Whether you are a frequent beach goer or you are staying in air-conditioned rooms during the summer, your best bet to having beautiful and healthy skin is keeping your skin moisturized. No matter if you have oily skin or dry skin, it is best to give your skin the moisture it needs to stay healthy. Using products that are packed with nutrients such as coconut oil is great for retaining moisture in the skin.


Many people don’t understand the power in exfoliating their skin. Exfoliating keeps your skin looking and feeling fresh by removing dead skin cells. When you exfoliate your skin with an exfoliating sponge or body scrub, you will rejuvenate your skin and allow for new skin cells to take over. Exfoliating can be done at home or by professionals that specialize in skin care. Whichever you choose, know that exfoliating is highly effective for achieving healthy skin.


Summer time is when the sun touches your skin the most. Even when you don’t purposely expose your skin, the sun can cause damages from incidental exposure such as walking, driving, and gardening. Applying sunscreen lotion with a minimum of SPF 30 can help minimize the risks of the damaging effects of sun exposure. Keeping sunscreen around at all times is a very helpful reminder to keep your skin protected during the day!

Healthy Diet

As we all know, having a healthy diet is essential to having healthy hair, nails, and skin! Taking care of your skin on the inside is just as important as taking care of your skin on the outside. Drinking water helps to replenish and nourish your skin so that it will looks its best at all times. On days when your skin seems a little dull, drinking a few extra glasses of water can be all you need to get your skin back on track!

Regular appointments to skin care specialists

If you are unsure of how to manage skin care on your own, you can contact specialists to help you! This way you don’t have to worry about mishandling a skin care routine. When you are in the care of experts, your skin will start to look the way you want in no time! At Divante Med Spa, we have expert skin care specialists who will be happy to be a part of your healthy skin care routine! Call to book an appointment or schedule a free consultation online with Divante Med Spa!

What To Look For When Getting A Massage

When life gets busy, it is easy to forget to take care of yourself. Full body massages may be what you need in your self-care routine to get back on track. Body massages have many benefits that can increase your health and provide quality relaxation. Getting a full body massage on a regular basis is an excellent way for you to release tension and stimulate production of endorphins in the body.

If you have ever experienced joint or muscle stiffness, a body massage will be perfect to awaken those muscles so that they function more effectively. This is particularly great for athletes, yoga participants, or those who do large amounts of physical labor.

Not only does full body massages help you with relaxation and muscle stiffness, it is also beneficial in skin care. Massages assist in removing dead skin cells and improve the look of your skin complexion. During a massage, the careful touch and motions provided by your massage therapist will stimulate blood flow and regenerate tissues in the body.

There are a few things to think about before scheduling your full body massage appointment:

  1. Know what you want from a massage therapist
  2. Find a therapist that will tend to your needs
  3. Massages require you to undress
  4. Music might play during your massage session
  5. Breathe deeply throughout your session