Doctor R. Doyan M.D. had founded Divante Laser MedSpa with the belief that appearances are not permanent and that anyone can come into the center to enhance their looks. Divante Laser MedSpa has been serving the Los Angeles area delivering a wide variety of quality laser hair removal procedures, injectables, skin rejuvenation processes, photo facials, skin care, massage services, acne treatments and vascular treatments.

Patients walk into the center with all kinds of unique problems to their skin, whether they are crow’s feet, dark circles or acne scars. And professionals at Divante Laser MedSpa are more than capable of handling these problems with their experience and training. Because they understand that not all patients are subject to the same treatment, they are willing to invest careful attention to each patient to assess the best approaches to their issues. It is common to see patients walking out of the center more than satisfied.

Thus, Divante Laser MedSpa has witnessed amazing growth due to great customer service and quality delivery. These two attributes have allowed Divante Laser MedSpa to acquire new patients through referrals. Furthermore, we at Divante Laser MedSpa continue to deliver the latest procedures in skin care, injections, and other treatments to ensure patients will be provided the best service and products. We continue to build our reputation as the best spa service in Los Angeles.