Vascular Laser Treatment

It’s common that people may have one or two unappealing veins they may want to hide. These include facial and leg veins that are preventing them from looking as beautiful as they imagine themselves to be. There is good news. Many vascular conditions are quite manageable, especially if you see a physician early. Thankfully, patients can come to Divante Laser MedSpa for a safe and effective laser treatment that removes the appearance of these unwanted veins with minimal discomfort and that doesn’t damage the surrounding skin. Laser vein removal eliminates the inconvenience of surgery, which leaves scars and require a lengthy recovery time. It uses laser light to make blood vessels constrict, causing the vein to be less visible to the naked eye. Thus, the patient’s skin will not look like it underwent a procedure and will retain its youthful features. For this reason, our laser vein removal procedure makes it the best alternative to destructive and invasive vascular surgery. Do you have any more questions about our Laser Vascular Treatments? Schedule a free consultation to clarify all your doubts. If you already made a decision, book your appointment today!  

Facial veins

Without the need for complicated surgery, our practitioners can treat facial vessels with minimal discomfort and with ease. Thus, patients come out of this procedure looking young and revitalized.

Leg veins

Divante Laser MedSpa provides the latest technology to remove unwanted veins in the patient’s legs with laser procedures that constrict the blood vessels, resulting in beautiful looking legs, the way the patient has imagined it.