Sun Spots And Freckles

Sun Spot & Freckle Removal in Studio City, California

It’s no secret that California is known for its sun, sand, and surf. We love our coastal lifestyle, but that can mean that we suffer from more sun spots and freckles than others who may live away from the beach lifestyle, or who live in colder climates. While some sun exposure is a natural part of life, it’s important to try to mitigate the amount of sun you get on a regular basis to reduce the chances of developing sunspots and additional freckles.

 What are Sunspots?

Sunspots are discolorations that appear on our skin as a result of too much exposure to the sun. Depending on where you live in the world, your level of exposure can be higher or lower. In California, we tend to get a great deal of sun, and we see clients on a regular basis who want to reduce the look of sun spots on their face, hands, neck, legs, and back - the areas that are most often exposed to the sun. Frequent exposure to the sun can also cause skin cancer, scarring from blisters, and more.

 What are Freckles?

People can develop freckles over time - and many do - from natural exposure to the sun. For some people, freckles have been a part of their entire lives, and they are simply discoloration of skin cells. They are not harmful, and they do not indicate that anything is wrong; however, some people have an excessive amount of freckles and wish to treat the areas of their skin most impacted by them to reduce the look of them. Freckles can develop as a result of sun exposure and wear sunscreen can help reduce the development of them over time.

 How Can Sunspots and Freckles Be Treated?

At our Studio City medispa, we work with clients on a regular basis to reduce the look of sunspots and freckles. Because we have such a high frequency of sun exposure in California, people are more susceptible to sunspots and freckle development. We use the latest laser technology to help reduce the look of sunspots and freckles in people of all ages. This treatment is effective and can provide results after just one treatment. In some cases, additional or follow up treatments are required to gain maximum results. There is no pain associated with the laser treatment, and our GentleMax Pro technology works fast to provide the desired results.

Side effects doesn’t cause scarring and discomfort are minimal during treatment. Some clients opt to take an over-the-counter pain reliever before treatment to help reduce discomfort and swelling that may occur after the treatment.

 What Can You Expect from Sunspot & Freckle Treatment?

Once we have determined that you are a good fit for this type of laser treatment, we’ll prepare the skin to be treated with an anesthetic cream to help reduce discomfort and allow the laser to penetrate the affected area. You’ll be given eye wear to protect your eyes, which is especially important if the area to be treated is near your eye region. Then we’ll use our pulsing light laser technology to treat the affected areas. Each area will be treated for a short period of time, and additional treatments may be required for maximum results. However, the treatment will last between 20 - 45 minutes, depending on the surface area that needs to be covered. After each treatment, we’ll assess the results and determine if subsequent treatments are necessary.

 What are the Side Effects of Laser Treatment for Sun Spots & Freckles?

There are minimal side effects of laser treatment for sun spots and freckles. Most clients don’t experience any discomfort during or following the procedure. Some clients do experience mild swelling or redness in the area being treated; however, that usually clears up within a few hours. The benefits of laser treatment far outweigh the minimal side effects, and it is a highly recommended procedure for people of all ages. Some clients experience immediate results and are thrilled with the long-term solution that laser treatment provides. Minimal maintenance treatment may be required to maintain the reduction of sunspots and freckles over time.

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Whether you have worn freckles like a badge of honor your entire life or you recently developed them, we can help reduce the look of them in no time. Contact our Studio City medispa today to discuss if laser sun spots and freckles treatment are right for you.