Pigmentation Removal

Hyperpigmentation Treatment Studio City

At our Studio City, California medispa we see hundreds of clients every year who suffer from discoloration, sun damage, and varied skin textures who want to recapture their youth and improve the look of their skin. You can improve your skin pigmentation with laser skin treatment, and we can help.

 What is Laser Skin Treatment for Skin Pigmentation?

Using the latest laser technology, known as the GentleMax Pro, we can improve the look and feel of your skin in as little as one treatment. Improving skin pigmentation involves stimulating the skin’s cells to produce collagen and encourages the skin to reproduce new skin from the inside out. If you have severely damaged skin, more advanced treatments or a combination of treatments may be required, but you can expect to be impressed with the results.

Laser skin treatment for skin pigmentation involves several treatments over time to improve the look and feel of skin. Many clients experience no pain or discomfort and are thrilled with the results.

 What Type of Damage Can Laser Skin Treatment Repair?

Every client we see is different, and that means that even common skin disorders or discolorations require a tailored approach to helping them see the kind of results they want. Pigmentation disorders occur as people age but can also be caused by a loss or increase in melanin, which gives your skin its color. If you have been in an accident or suffered an injury that resulted in a scar, those scars may also be treated with laser skin pigmentation treatment. At our Studio City, California medispa, we work with clients who suffer from: 

 What Causes Skin Pigmentation Disorders?

Some conditions, like Vitiligo or Albinism are rare conditions that don’t have anything to do with your lifestyle or sun exposure, while other conditions such as sun damage or age spots can be impacted by how much time you spend in the sun, whether or not you use sunscreen, if you drink excessive amounts of alcohol, or if you have other underlying conditions that could cause problems with your skin. Some skin conditions, such as visible veins, Rosacea, and cellulite can occur anywhere on the body and can impact people from all walks of life. Some conditions, such as melasma are caused by an increase in hormones and is common amongst older women who may be experienced menopause or hormone changes. There is no need to feel ashamed or embarrassed about your skin. We can help you regain your confidence and ensure that you walk out of our office with a brighter, healthier looking skin.

In some cases, laser skin pigmentation treatment can be combined with other treatments to help reduce the look of scars caused by accident or injury, and we can create a customized treatment plan to help you look and feel your best.

 Am I  Good Candidate for Skin Pigmentation Laser Treatment?

We have successfully helped hundreds of patients regain their confidence by improving the look and tone of their skin with laser skin treatments. We know that the way you look is important to you and it is important to us, too. During your first appointment, we’ll discuss your treatment options and help you determine if laser skin treatment is the right solution for the type of skin pigmentation issues you are suffering from. You’ll find our staff is very helpful and knowledgeable about the options and will help you make informed choices.

 What is Involved in the Treatment Procedure?

Should you decide to pursue laser skin treatment for skin pigmentation correction, you will be treated using only the highest quality laser systems and will be given an anesthetic cream which will help to reduce the likelihood of discomfort during your treatment. Skin pigmentation treatment is non-invasive and requires no downtime to recover. You can walk in and walk out for your appointment. Some clients see results immediately, and some require several treatments to see the desired results. You’ll be given protective eyewear to ensure no damage occurs to your eyes during treatment. This is normal protocol so no need to worry. Using a pulse light laser, we’ll focus in on the areas of your skin that need to be treated. Treatments last up to 30 minutes and may need to be repeated several times to achieve the desired results.

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Contact our Studio City, California medispa today to book a consultation and find out if skin pigmentation laser treatment is right for you. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be able to answer any questions you have and ensure you have all of the information you need to make an informed decision about laser skin treatment.