Juvéderm Ultra XC & Ultra Plus XC

Studio City Juvéderm Ultra XC and Juvéderm Ultra Plus XC

If you suffer from wrinkles and folds, the reason isn’t necessarily loose skin that needs to be firm. The real reason is the loss of young fat resulting in the loss of facial volume. As you age and lose facial fat, your cheeks get hollow, your jowl line sags and marionette lines form as do laugh lines. If you are experiencing these superficial lines, the solution is simple: Juvéderm Ultra XC and Juvéderm Ultra Plus XC.

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What Is Juvéderm Ultra XC/Ultra Plus XC?

The FDA-approved Juvéderm Ultra XC/Ultra Plus XC is a non-surgical dermal filler that restores that lost youthful volume to your face is resulting in a smoother facial appearance. After undergoing this treatment, your face will appear revitalized and refreshed. One of the main ingredients in Juvéderm is hyaluronic acid, a type of sugar naturally produced by the body which is excellent at maintaining moisture in the skin. Its ability to hold water is what creates a natural pump of volume in the skin. Lidocaine is another key ingredient just like Dysport that works to reduce any pain in the skin because it is a local anesthetic.

What Causes Aging Skin?

Time is the main cause of skin aging. The production of elastin and collagen slows as the body ages. This is critical because elastin and collagen are the building blocks of healthy skin, and the less your body produces, the more your skin will age. But these aren’t the only factors. Behaviors such as smoking, drug use, and an unhealthy diet will also reduce the production of elastin and collagen. Other factors such as too much sun exposure, illness and certain types of medications will do the same.

Reversing Facial Aging

Restoring facial volume loss, even moderate to severe aging, can be done with Juvéderm Ultra XC/Ultra Plus XC because it is a thicker dermal filler. It is most often used on marionette lines, which are the vertical lines from your mouth to your chin, and the smile and laugh lines, known as the nasolabial folds. As you age, the nasolabial folds become deeper and more pronounced. Juvederm Ultra XC/Ultra Plus XC can refill those superficial lines as well as plump up cheeks and lift loose jawline skin.

Who Can Benefit from Juvederm Ultra XC/Ultra Plus XC?

For starters, the ideal candidate is someone who is in good health. If you’ve tolerated hyaluronic acid dermal fillers in the past and you’ve never had an allergic reaction to lidocaine, Juvéderm is a great solution for you. Even those with moderate-to-severe facial aging, wrinkles, and folds would benefit greatly from the treatment.

How Does the Treatment Work?

First, we will do a consultation in order to discuss your medical history as well as undergo a full exam. The purpose of this is to ensure this treatment will be safe for you and that you will benefit from Juvéderm. A treatment plan will be discussed so that you know exactly what to expect.

Prior to your treatment, we will give you instructions on certain things to avoid such as alcohol, aspirin and blood thinners. During your first treatment, we will sanitize the area with an alcohol wipe and may or may not use a topical anesthetic. The reason this may not be necessary is because Juvéderm already contains the mild topical anesthetic lidocaine. The next step is injecting the dermal filler on strategic areas of the face. Our specialist will also use his or her fingers to mold the filler in order to achieve the best results.

Pain & Recovery Time

Many new patients wonder if the injections are painful. Rest assured that most only report feeling a small pinch. The lidocaine in the injectable treatment combats any discomfort, but patients can request the application of an additional topical anesthetic. Ice can also be used to numb the area.

One of the benefits of the non-surgical Juvéderm Ultra XC/Ultra Plus XC is that there is absolutely no recovery time after treatment. Patients may experience the most minimal amount of discomfort immediately after the procedure, but nothing that will disrupt their day. Avoiding heat, exercise and alcohol is highly recommended for about a day after treatment as these can cause redness or itching and can break down the filler before it has settled.

Seeing Visible Results

Prepare to receive compliments right away. With Juvéderm, your wrinkles, lines, and folds are eliminated immediately. An improvement in skin elasticity can be seen right away. Increased facial volume giving you a younger look is also apparent immediately after the procedure. The best part is that the results will continue to improve for about three weeks and will last about a year depending on the individual, after which you can receive additional injectable treatments to keep your new youthful appearance. Follow-up treatments are quicker and easier because they require less filler to maintain your new look.

If you’re in the Studio City area, and want to see if Juvéderm Ultra XC or Plus XC can help give you a younger look, call us today!